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Winter Talks About OVW, WWE, TNA, and More!
Added on Thursday, November 1st, 2012 at 3:18 pm to Knockout News by Joe Vincent
Winter Talks About OVW, WWE, TNA, and More!

Source: RJTR Publishing

In a recent interview with RTJR Publishing’s Alternative Wrestling Magazine, former TNA Knockouts Champion Winter talked about a variety of topics from her work in iMPACT Wrestling to the time she spent in OVW and WWE to her upcoming projects. We recommend that you read the full interview in the latest edition of the Alternative Wrestling Magazine (click here to download the PDF). In the mean time, highlights from the interview are below. Enjoy!

On Her Storyline Controlling Angelina Love
I have no idea why the storyline was dropped and certainly no clue as to whether there were any further plans for it.

On Comparing TNA’s Knockouts Division to WWE’s Divas Matches
In TNA there was more consistency in terms of time in the ring and visibility of the girls versus the guys in general. There was almost always at least two storylines going on with the Knockouts simultaneously and we had a lot of girls that were used a lot. Apparently that has changed a little bit now. In WWE a lot of the time there was one girl storyline at one time and everyone else was sort of a filler until it was ‘their turn’ again. Then again, every now and then the Divas had a rocking story line and got to do some really good stuff.

On the Backstage Politics and Atmosphere at OVW
I don’t think it’s just hungry wrestlers it’s any kind of work situation where a lot of very different people are working together in an extremely tight knit environment. When you’re part of a group such as OVW or even WWE when you are on the road you don’t come in to contact with a lot of people ‘on the outside’, so this group becomes basically your universe. Smaller ‘factions’ are bound to form within this universe and some may have difficulties with others. Of course the fact that everyone is vying for the same spots adds to the tension that ensues.

On Her Run in WWE
I think that Paul and I had a great little run with the series of handicap matches we did and I did get to feud with Mickie James for the Championship. I agree that I didn’t get far as I think I could have done or thought I would. The reasons why? Well one could speculate about that for hours. I’ll leave that to you.

I had a great time in WWE overall. Especially the first year or so when I was doing a lot, traveling on the road all the time and involved in the afore mentioned storylines, also the short lived feuds we got to do with William Regal and Ken Kennedy and the more substantial ones in ECW with the Boogie Man and Hurricane Helms. The last few months were extremely frustrating for me, as I was not being utilized and felt creatively unfulfilled in that respect. Regrets, it’s hard to figure out in hindsight what I could have done more or what I should not have done to change that situation, of course I would have liked to have had a longer run or perhaps win a Championship. Other than that- yes, I regret that I never got to eat the worms.

On Her Future in the Wrestling Business
I still wrestle independently. I have great fun doing it, I love being in front of the crowd, I love playing up my character, kicking ass, I will assume at this point that I will not go back to either of those companies, as I do not want to be restricted by a contract. My focus moving forward is on acting and so I need to be available and have the freedom to make my own schedule.

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