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3 Of Our Twitter Winners Show Off Their Swag!
Added on Sunday, August 19th, 2012 at 12:42 pm to Site Information by Joe Vincent

Hey everyone! As you know by now, IWHeadlines.com is the only professional wrestling news and opinions website that uses the revenue generated from its advertising to purchase iMPACT Wrestling merchandise so we can give it away to you – our readers. Other websites tell blatant lies through rudimentary conjecture with the hope that you’ll buy a subscription. Why do they do that? Because – unlike the expert staff of TNA fans at IWHeadlines.com – most of the people who run those conjecture-based websites can’t hold down a real job. We don’t need the revenue that this website generates, but it sure is fun to reinvest those dollars directly into the professional wrestling business by purchasing TNA merchandise and giving it away to you!

Last week we held a giveaway on Twitter. We selected three winners and gave away autographs of Robbie E., Winter, and Alex Silva. Those winners posted pictures of their wins on Twitter, which we’re posting below for your pleasure. Take a look and be sure to follow us on Twitter @IWHeadlines so you can have a chance to win!

This one is on Instagram – click the link to see it:

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