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Eric Bischoff Welcomes David Lagana To Impact
Added on Tuesday, February 14th, 2012 at 11:22 pm to Latest News by William B. West
Eric Bischoff Welcomes David Lagana To Impact

Source: Facebook

TNA Impact Wrestling star Eric Bischoff welcomed former WWE writer David Lagana to TNA’s Impact Wrestling brand today via his official Facebook account, “Welcome David Lagana! Had the opportunity to work with David in WWE and learned to respect his knowledge of story structure and detail.”

My assumption is that Lagana will be replacing Vince Russo who parted ways with TNA today. Some sites had erroneously reported that Russo had been removed from the head writer position over the weekend, a position he in actually left months ago.

Lagana joined the TNA Wrestling organization as a writer for their Indian wrestling brand Ring Ka King, and according to reports he received good reviews from Jeff Jarrett and the rest of the staff.

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  • James

    despite what people say about russo, i like the guy.  He kept me watching WCW in it last days with stars he created stars like Mike Awesome(that 70s guy), David Flair(Daffney & Crowbar), 3 Count, The Wall, Tank Abbott, Scott Steiner, Vampiro, Screaming Norman Smiley, The Cat as the GM…etc
    & how he created the Attitude Era..Godfather, Ken Shamrock, Val Venus, DX, Stone Cold, Rock, Brood, Kane…

    & TNA 02-04, 06-07…Things were better b4 hogan came.  Only thing that improved in 2010-2011 was production.

    Thing are getting better now but Im scared this is gonna give Hogan & Bischoff son more TV time. Don’t want it to be like WCW in 99.  Guess i’ll wait & see.

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