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Deal Between TNA And NFL Star Nixed
Added on Sunday, February 12th, 2012 at 4:52 pm to Latest News by William B. West
Deal Between TNA And NFL Star Nixed

Source: Fox Sports, TNAStars.com

Earlier we reported that sources have told Fox Sports Alex Marvez that NFL Champion New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul will be making an appearance on TNA Impact Wrestling this Thursday.

It looks like the deal was never signed and Pierre-Paul had a change of heart according to the latest Fox Sports report:

Robert Bailey, the president of Rosenhaus Sports, told FOXSports.com that Pierre-Paul will not be appearing Monday night for TNA Wrestling.

TNA and Spike TV officials thought a deal was finalized earlier this weekend for Pierre-Paul to have an in-ring confrontation with Kurt Angle at a TNA television taping in Orlando. Bailey, though, said Pierre-Paul had not signed off on the deal before it was reported Saturday by FOXSports.com.

“He declined because he is exhausted,” Bailey told FOXSports.com in a text message.

Dirt sheets take note. Fox Sports has the journalistic integrity to publish a updated story quoting real sources, instead of pulling random reasons why the first report is not coming to fruition. Journalism 101.

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