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Predictions for Tonight’s Final Resolution 2011
Added on Sunday, December 11th, 2011 at 5:20 pm to Opinion Columns by Joe Vincent

Welcome, everyone! Tonight, Direct Auto Insurance and iMPACT Wrestling present the annual Final Resolution event on pay-per-view and TNAonDEMAND.com. This event will take place live at 8:00pm EST from the iMPACT Wrestling Zone at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. The theme song for this year’s event is “Here We Go Again” by Throwing Gravity. This event has eight big matches signed including Bobby Roode defending the World Heavyweight Championship against AJ Styles in an Iron Man Match!

TNAStars.com strives to bring you the best iMPACT Wrestling content on the internet and we hope that you enjoy the latest serving of our staff roundtables. This month, scroll down to read the staff’s predictions!

Genesis 2011 4 – 1 4 – 1 n/a n/a n/a 4 – 1 Everyone wins!
Against All Odds 2011 2 – 5 3 – 4 n/a 3 – 4 n/a 3 – 4 Joe, Mark, William
Victory Road 2011 5 – 2 4 – 3 n/a 5 – 2 6 – 1 5 – 2 Scott
Lockdown 2011 4 – 4 4 – 4 n/a 3 – 5 n/a 4 – 4 Jarrett, Joe, WBW
Sacrifice 2011 5 – 4 8 – 1 n/a 7 – 2 8 – 0 5 – 4 Joe & Scott
Slammiversary IX n/a 5 – 3 n/a 6 – 2 4 – 4 n/a Mark
Destination X 2011 5 – 1 5 – 1 n/a 5 – 1 4 – 2 5 – 1 Four-way Tie!
HardCORE Justice 2011 6 – 3 5 – 4 n/a 6 – 3 n/a n/a Jarrett & Mark
No Surrender 2011 7 – 1 7 – 1 n/a 7 – 1 n/a 5 – 3 Jarrett, Joe, Mark
Bound for Glory 2011 5 – 4 7 – 2 n/a 6 – 3 7 – 1 6 – 3 Joe & Scott
Turning Point 2011 7 – 1 6 – 2 4 – 4 3 – 4 n/a n/a Jarrett
Final Resolution 2011 ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? TBD
Overall 2011
Win-Loss Record
50 – 26 58 – 26 4 – 4 51 – 27 29 – 8 37 – 22 To Be Determined…

TNA World Heavyweight Championship
30 Minute Ironman Match
AJ Styles vs. Bobby Roode

Jarrett’s Thoughts: I’m disappointed that they have to go the injury route with AJ because I’d love to see a great 30 minute iron man match. If AJ got injured during the taping of Impact, I wish him a speedy recovery. I’m sure we will see Roode vs. Hardy at Genesis, but regardless, this should be a great match between two of the best that TNA has to offer.
Jarrett’s Prediction: Bobby Roode retains

Joe’s Thoughts: This could be a really good match given the high standards for both of these men. However, it’s too early for Bobby Roode to lose the title to his opponent – even if that opponent is one of the most exciting, marketable professional wrestlers in the company.
Joe’s Prediction: Bobby Roode

Mark A.’s Thoughts: Roode will have this into 2012.
Mark A.’s Prediction: Roode.

Mark L.’s Thoughts: Still hoping beyond all logic that AJ Styles win this because the Roode train is derailed to me.
Mark L.’s Prediction: AJ Styles

William’s Thoughts:
William’s Prediction: Bobby Roode

TNA World Tag Team Championship
D’Angelo Dinero & Devon vs. Matt Morgan & Crimson

Jarrett’s Thoughts: This came out of the blue, just like Pope’s sudden heel turn and Devon’s kids basically turning heel. I’ll call a spade a spade and say it’s complete garbage. I could not care less about Devon’s kids and they’ve been shoved down my throat for months now. The fans don’t care, I don’t care, why can’t we have a good tag match, but this is guaranteeing some type of cheap finish.
Jarrett’s Prediction: Morgan and Crimson retain.

Joe’s Thoughts: I’m not one of these guys who says that tag team wrestling is for shit these days. However, there is something interesting about the fact that neither of these “teams” were even considered in the hunt for the World Tag Team Championship as recently as one month ago. And here we are with both teams contending for the championship. Weird world we wrestling fans live in, huh?
Joe’s Prediction: Matt Morgan & Crimson

Mark A.’s Thoughts: Dear Lord, the Pope/Devon storyline is back? The two will fall out and it will cost them their shot at these titles.
Mark A.’s Prediction: Crimson/Morgan.

Mark L.’s Thoughts: If they’re gonna promote Pope and Devon as a tag team, then they should promote Pope and Devon as a tag team. And maybe drop that silly little story line they’re trying to make. I know that if they forgot everything about it in exchange for using them as a team to help the tag team division get back on track, I wouldn’t mind at all.
Mark L.’s Prediction: Morgan & Crimson

William’s Thoughts:
William’s Prediction: D’Angelo Dinero & Devon

TNA Knockouts Championship
Mickie James vs. Gail Kim

Jarrett’s Thoughts: I honestly hope that Gail Kim wins, if for nothing else, to avoid her on the end of Mickie James’ DDT. She’s going to end up breaking someones neck with that thing. I’d like to think that wrestling is sliding toward longer title reigns lately, so I go for Kim to retain.
Jarrett’s Prediction: Gail Kim retains.

Joe’s Thoughts: Much like how I believe it is too early for Bobby Roode to lose the World Heavyweight Championship, I feel like it’s too early for Gail Kim to lose the Knockouts Championship.
Joe’s Prediction: Gail Kim

Mark A.’s Thoughts: Think Gail Kim has been a breath of fresh air. She should keep this title, probably with help.
Mark A.’s Prediction: Gail Kim.

Mark L.’s Thoughts: Since I haven’t actually watched Impact in two weeks and I feel like the Knockouts Division turned into Impact’s version of Mean Girls, I have no thoughts about this match-up.
Mark L.’s Prediction: Gail Kim

William’s Thoughts:
William’s Prediction: Mickie James

TNA X-Division Championship
Kid Kash vs. Austin Aries

Jarrett’s Thoughts: I’m surprised and disappointing that we are getting this match when there is still a feud-less Alex Shelly and Douglas Williams who hasn’t gotten a one-on one shot at Aries.
Jarrett’s Prediction: Austin Aries retains

Joe’s Thoughts: This should be an entertaining match if nothing else. Kid Kash is an old school veteran who can innovate his style to match any type of wrestler that he’s up against. However, I think iMPACT Wrestling is trying to keep the title of Austin Aries for as long as possible and I think that they want Kid Kash to ultimately capture the title after some significant buildup.
Joe’s Prediction: Austin Aries

Mark A.’s Thoughts: This storyline is really going well at the moment. Should be a good match.
Mark A.’s Prediction: Austin Aries.

Mark L.’s Thoughts: Since I haven’t actually watched Impact in two weeks, I’m a little confused by this… has Impact embraced the fact that AA’s getting cheered, and therefore made him a face?
Mark L.’s Prediction: Austin Aries

William’s Thoughts:
William’s Prediction: Austin Aries

TNA Television Championship
Eric Young vs. Robbie E.

Jarrett’s Thoughts: How many more times are we going to see EY’s comedy skit? TNA’s resident Fistpumper needs to win to make the TV Title relevant again.
Jarrett’s Prediction: Robbie E retains

Joe’s Thoughts: Here we go again with this match. Same prediction as last month because I’m predicting the same result as last month. I’m a little surprised that the company couldn’t come up with a better rematch stipulation than just a generic match. At least make it a dog collar match or a four corners match or some other type of match that we haven’t seen in ages.
Joe’s Prediction: Robbie E.

Mark A.’s Thoughts: These two can’t be the only two fighting for this title forever. Young’s last shot?
Mark A.’s Prediction: Robbie E.

Mark L.’s Thoughts: I honestly don’t care who wins as long as they make it remotely competitive. This is the most airtime the TV Title has seen in months. (maybe years?)
Mark L.’s Prediction: Robbie E.

William’s Thoughts:
William’s Prediction: Robbie E.

Steel Cage Match
Loser is Fired (If Jarrett Loses, Karen Angle May Be Fired)
Jeff Jarrett vs. Jeff Hardy

Jarrett’s Thoughts: As much as I’d love for Jeff Hardy to lose this match and have to disappear from TNA, we won’t be getting that. By the way, I’d like to thank TNA’s graphic designer for spoiling this oh so obvious match on the GENESIS POSTER! TNA is pushing Jeff Hardy to the limit and it’s not a smart business or personal move. You need to test Jeff out and get him used to the schedule before you put a title on him, and they are thrusting him into the main event. This is an over-boooked match. If Jarrett loses either him or Karen will be fired, and Karen will be handcuffed to Sting outside. Can’t they just ban her from the building or something? Anyways, I feel that since Jeff will be working on TNA’s India Project, he will take a little time off. After all, he lost that “Loser goes to Mexico” match and never really left, he just came back with the AAA World Heavyweight Championship.
Jarrett’s Prediction: Jeff Hardy

Joe’s Thoughts: I don’t know why they added the last minute stipulation that Jeff or Karen Jarrett could be fired if Jarrett loses this match. It’s weird and seems somewhat unnecessary. However, it does tell you that Jarrett is probably going to lose the match and that either his shrieking, bitchy wife will be removed as the Vice President of the Knockouts (shouldn’t Dixie Carter have fired her already?) or Jarrett is taking some time off to work on other projects.
Joe’s Prediction: Jeff Hardy

Mark A.’s Thoughts: Jarrett’s hands are tied (pun about Karen’s handcuffing to Sting intended) and Hardy is the high-risk master. A top-of-the-cage Swanton incoming?
Mark A.’s Prediction: Jeff Hardy.

Mark L.’s Thoughts: Watch. This time I’m going to make a legit prediction, and it’s going to end up wrong…
Mark L.’s Prediction: Jeff Hardy

William’s Thoughts:
William’s Prediction: Jeff Hardy

Kurt Angle vs. James Storm

Jarrett’s Thoughts: I didn’t like the buildup to this until I saw the in ring promo these two cut. Kurt Angle is one of the best wrestlers in the business, and if Storm is medically cleared, expect a good match. I don’t know who to pick because Storm may not be medically cleared. They could go with the House Show route and let him hit the Last Call and call it a match, Angle could win by forfeit, or the match may just be cancelled. I think they will try and drag this out another month.
Jarrett’s Prediction: Kurt Angle

Joe’s Thoughts: If this were WWE, they’d take the low road and use James Storm’s real life concussion as the basis for an angle where he either passed out during this match or started the match and then needed to be stretchered out in the middle of it. When I was watching their product, I always hated when they did that type of stuff. It belittles a very real problem in professional wrestling and sports in general – head, neck, and brain injuries. Anyway, I think Kurt Angle takes this one away.
Joe’s Prediction: Kurt Angle

Mark A.’s Thoughts: Not sure when the Olympics try-outs are, but this would be the perfect time to write him out. Looking forward to this match too.
Mark A.’s Prediction: James Storm.

Mark L.’s Thoughts: Forgot that they were feuding (haven’t been watching Impact…)
Mark L.’s Prediction: Angle

William’s Thoughts:
William’s Prediction: James Storm

Christopher Daniels vs. Rob Van Dam

Jarrett’s Thoughts: TNA has had a lot of great opportunities, but not one quite this unique. Think about it, when have feuds culminated into an actual wrestling match? I’m hoping they finally give Christopher Daniels a win because RVD sure doesn’t need it.
Jarrett’s Prediction: Christopher Daniels

Joe’s Thoughts: Christopher Daniels is going to cheat to win; I mean that seems kind of obvious to me, but I’ve been wrong about “obvious” predictions before…
Joe’s Prediction: Christopher Daniels

Mark A.’s Thoughts: Surely Van Dam has to get revenge on all the insults and gloating from Daniels.
Mark A.’s Prediction: Van Dam.

Mark L.’s Thoughts: *shrugs shoulders and flips a coin*
Mark L.’s Prediction: Tails. Christopher Daniels

William’s Thoughts:
William’s Prediction: Rob Van Dam

Remember to check back at TNAStars.com after the pay-per-view for full results from the event and your chance to sound off on the show! Also, remember to check back during the week for a scorecard on how the TNAStars.com staff scored on our predictions!

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  • William B. West

    I’m guessing the Jarrett suspension clause is because he is rumored to be going to India for TNA’s project they are starting.

  • http://www.tnastars.com/ Joe Vincent

    Yeah, that makes total sense. I still don’t know why that had to be a clause in the match, though. Why not just have him lose and then go away for a few months?

  • William B. West

    Agreed. Even if they wanted to include the clause, they should have had the decency to make it a loser leaves town match so it at least might seem like Hardy might get the boot too. It feels like TNA is recessing back to the last minute PPV booking changes that plagued them for so long.

  • Mark Ashworth

    Didn’t know there was a stipulation added, which says it all, really.

    Also, superb comment from Jarrett on Shelley/Williams being added to the X-Division fray. The two haven’t done anything for months, apart from odd matches on Xplosion, which have gone nowhere.

    I believe Williams is getting tired of it too, while Shelley’s time away from TV is probably to bring MCMG back to a big surprise and ovation. Hopefully at a Live show.

    Anyway, good luck guys! I’ll check the results Wednesday, after the PPV airs here in the UK.

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