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Details on VIP Chat During Bound for Glory
Added on Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 at 9:20 am to Latest News by Joe Vincent
Details on VIP Chat During Bound for Glory

TNAOnDemand.com is pleased to announce plans for the Bound For Glory VIP Superstar Chat to take place during the entire weekend of Bound For Glory, October 15/16 from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The VIP Superstar Chat series, which launched at last April’s Lockdown Pay-Per-View event, has grown in popularity and has featured many Superstars of IMPACT WRESTLING. The Bound For Glory VIP Superstar Chat is to be no exception.

Participants in the VIP Supertar Chat will get the following:
Access to LIVE video interviews during the Bound For Glory FanFest Saturday morning. Bonus Q&A with select Superstars of IMPACT WRESTLING during the FanFest event. A “Mystery Video Chat” with a select Superstar of IMPACT WRESTLING Saturday Night available ONLY to VIP members. VIP Superstar Chat LIVE from backstage in Philly at Bound For Glory on Sunday. The main event on Sunday has quickly become a TNA IMPACT WRESTLING fan favorite as you get exclusive access to many of the Superstars after their big matches. You get to hear their thoughts on the match before anyone else within MOMENTS of their win – LIVE. As a VIP-er, you get ask them questions and have them answer your questions in real time. Live video and audio feeds give you access that bring you as close to being backstage in Philly as you could possibly be.

This entire weekend package is available for only $5.00!

To purchase now and reserve your pass for the VIP Superstar Chat Weekend – click here.

You can watch the entire Pay-Per-View event live online in HD on TNAOnDemand.com. Viewing is available worldwide with some exclusions (not available LIVE in the UK, Australia, Austria, France, Germany, India, Isle of Man, Mexico, or Switzerland.) and for the same price as standard definition viewing is on cable and satellite providers. To take advantage of online viewing in HD for Bound For Glory, visit TNAOnDemand.com today or purchase it direct at http://tnaondemand.com/launch.html?oid=132&ap=1&vidid=28075

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