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iMPACT Wrestling Spoilers (9/1): Huntsville, AL!
Added on Friday, August 26th, 2011 at 7:55 am to Results by Joe Vincent
iMPACT Wrestling Spoilers (9/1):  Huntsville, AL!

Source: Billy Krotchsen of PWInsider.com

The team over at Pro Wrestling Insider posted some spoilers for next week’s episode of iMPACT Wrestling on Spike TV. And remember, next week’s show was taped in front of a live crowd in Huntsville, Alabama! The spoilers were derived from a fan in attendance at the tapings named Billy Krotchsen. I don’t remember ever reading one of Billy’s reports, but you can find it in full below. In any event, it looks like the September 1st show is going to advance many of the storylines from last night’s show. During the tapings, Eric Bischoff announces a new Knockouts Law, Jesse Sorensen teamed with Brian Kendrick to take on Austin Aries and Kid Kash, and Kurt Angle faced off against Sting in the main event!

Feel free to scroll down and read the entire set of spoilers for next week’s show.


*Hulk Hogan was out to cut a promo to open the show. TNA champion Kurt Angle came out and said he was going to take out Sting. Sting accepted.

*Gunner pinned RVD in a Bound for Glory bout after Jerry Lynn interfered.

*Eric Bischoff announced Karen Jarrett was now in charge of the Knockouts. ODB and Jackie Moore are now members of the roster. Traci Brooks is Jarrett’s assistant.

*Jesse Sorenson and Brian Kendrick defeated Austin Aries and Kid Kash.

*Mickie James pinned Winter to win the TNA Knockouts title with the Chick Kick.

*Matt Morgan and Samoa Joe went back and forth and started brawling.

*Christopher Daniels pinned AJ Styles.

*Kurt Angle pinned Sting. Hogan was there as referee. Immortal worked over Sting but Ken Anderson returned (already?) to make the save.

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