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Eric Bischoff Praises iMPACT Wrestling Tapings
Added on Tuesday, June 14th, 2011 at 11:29 pm to Latest News by Joe Vincent
Eric Bischoff Praises iMPACT Wrestling Tapings

Source: Facebook

Throughout the day today, Eric Bischoff has been sending notes of praise out to the interwebs via his Facebook page and Twitter. Specifically, Bischoff commented that last night’s iMPACT Wrestling tapings at Universal Studios were excellent. His first note on last night’s tapings was posted on Facebook and said the following:

Saw some magic last night at the iMPACT tapings in Orlando. Saw a fire in certain talent that I haven’t seen in YEARS! Announce team was on the money. Slowly, but surely we are going to get there!

I’m sure that Taz and Mike Tenay appreciate the shout out – it’s rare that the announce team is told that they’re doing a good job! After posting this update, Bischoff took to his Twitter account later in the day and added the following note regarding the tapings:

Some interesting new talent on the iMPACT show in the next couple of weeks. Roode looking good, Gunner emerging, some new X Div talent.

All in all, it sounds like this Thursday night’s show is going to be pretty spectacular. I’m looking forward to watching it. Here’s hoping it is everything that Bischoff says – and more!

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