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TNA iMPACT! Results (12/16): “Head Games”
Added on Thursday, December 16th, 2010 at 11:52 pm to Results by Jarrett Cox

Source: TNAstars.com

Opening Segment
Mr. Anderson was shown backstage “earlier today.” He pitched a fit and Matt Morgan walked up. He asked what Anderson was so upset about. He said he was on the board with him to face Jeff Hardy. He said he figured Anderson would be happy. Anderson said his word was his bond. Morgan said it wasn’t good enough. Anderson said it would have to be. Morgan made his ring entrance. He cut a promo on choosing to protect Anderson and turning his back on Fortune and company. He said he knew he made the right decision. He said tonight he and Anderson would face Hardy and Kazarian. Morgan said he couldn’t protect Anderson anymore once that bell rang. Morgan said he would have Anderson’s back, but he wanted to know if Anderson really had his. Anderson’s music hit and he made his ring entrance. Anderson said he appreciated what all Morgan had done for him, but he could take care of himself. Anderson he was here to wrestle. He asked if Morgan needed a note from his mommy or his doctor. Morgan said if Anderson really loved all his fans that call themselves assholes, he would show the nonexistent doctor’s note. Morgan asked about their pledge to Chris Nowiski’s Sport’s Institute. He said when piss-ant promoters like Eric Bischoff tried to make them perform hurt, they were supposed to tell them to f-off. He said he wanted to know if Anderson has his back 100 percent. Jeff Hardy’s music hit and he came out to the ramp. He said they should get married at Genesis instead of having a match. Morgan says that Hardy is Bischoff’s bitch and Anderson says that Hardy’s makeup is running. Hardy said that Morgan could still be with Fortune and Morgan denies. He and Morgan stared at each other. Hardy said all the marks in the building knew they were nothing but con-men.

X Division Title: Robbie E (c) vs. Jay Lethal

Robbie whipped Lethal and Cookie grabbed his leg to trip him. Christie Hemme ran to the ring and attacked Cookie. She handcuffed Cookie and her together as Robbie stomped Lethal in the ring

-Commercial Break-

Lethal gets a roll-up as soon as we come back from commercial, but only gets two. Robbie gives Lethal a stiff clothesline and covers, but only gets two. Robbie slaps and piefaces Lethal, then rocks him with two kicks before he’s countered by Lethal. Lethal’s advantage doesn’t last long before Robbie grabs Lethal’s hair and slams him to the ground for a two count. Christie Hemme, who has Cookie handcuffed to her, uses her free arm to hit Cookie’s handcuffed arm before we thankfully go back to the ring. Robbie E gets Lethal in a chinlock. Lethal tries to fight out but Robbie cinches in the chinlock harder. Lethal powers out and start trading right hands, with Lethal getting the better of the exchange. Lethal chops and suplexes , and then hits the Lethal Combination. Lethal looks to the crowd before going up top and nailing the big elbow drop. Lethal covers but Robbie kicks out at two. Robbie plays possum and catches Lethal with a kick. Robbie tries to pin him with his feet on the ropes, but Earl Hebner catches him. Taking too long to get up top, Lethal cuts Robbie off and superplexs him. Cookie tries to hand Robbie some hairspray but Hemme grabs it and sprays Robbie with it. Lethal hits the Lethal Injection and covers for two.

Winner and NEW X Division Champion: Jay Lethal

Lethal and Hemme celebrate in the ring as Cookie attends to Robbie E on the outside. Lethal spins Hemme around and kisses her.

AJ Styles is backstage with Eric Bischoff watching on a monitor. AJ starts rambling about Robbie E not being a good champion. Bischoff asks AJ what irony is before he decides to tell him. He says it’s ironic that AJ’s trashtalking Robbie E for losing the title when AJ lost the Television Title to Douglas Williams two weeks ago. Bischoff tells him he better win it back or he’ll look for a new jabroni, or someone who can do a Flair imitation. Biscoff notes that Lethal does a pretty damn good one. ((Jarrett’s Jab – That he does. It’s sad that AJ’s been demoted that much.))

-Commercial Break-

Doug Williams is outside and is asked about beating Styles with his own move. He said he thought it was appropriate. He called Magnus over and they talked about him and Desmond Wolfe. Magnus said that Chelsea is gone, Women aren’t good for Wrestling. He also says Desmond would be back soon and his football kick is over. He went into the locker room and AJ Styles attacked him, beating him all over the trailer, depsite the yelling of Tara and Maidson Rayne. He yelled that he was refreshed when he was finished ((Jarrett’s Jab – I like it when they make these feuds personal, easier to get into. AJ also yelled “Hey! Look, Another Wall” during the beatdown, which I found comical.))

Backstage, Eric Young walked up with a title belt on and two Hooters girls on his arm to Orlando Jordan. He asked where Young got the title. Young said he found it in the trash. He sent OJ and the girls away and then asked for advice from his Sensei. Kendrick talks about being a champion and that “One man’s treasure is another man’s trash.”

Jeff Hardy says there’s a lot of Bulls**t going on in TNA. ((Jarrett’s Jab – I’ll leave this pause in your mind about his employment and all the reports about it for those who believe it’s true.)) Hardy says he’s gotton in Morgan and Anderson’s head and that he is the star of Immortal while his partner tonight, Kazarian, is the star of Fortune.

Generation Me comes out and we are sent back to Mickie James’ performance last week that was interrupted by the team and Tara.  Eric Young comes out with the old TNA Title around his waist and the two Hooter girls on his arm. Apparently there promoting a “Hooters Snow Angels” Special on Spike TV. EY grabs the mic and says after a “EY” chant that everyone knows he is a fighting champion and that he is putting his title on the line in a Battle Royal. He runs in the ring and throws referee Andrew Thomas over the top rope. Andrew Thomas slides back in the ring and calls for the bell.

Generation Me vs. EY and OJ

Eric throws both of Generation Me over the top rope. EY and Jordan high five before atomic drops him and knocks him over the top rope. ((Jarrett’s Jab – And still the Unofficial TNA Heavyweight Champion – Eric Young.)) Eric celebrates before Gen Me attacks him from behind. Jordan gets back in the ring. Gen Me gets some offense in on Jordan. Max gets tagged in and they both go in the outside to admire the Hooter Girls. Young hits a Suicide Plancha and tags in. After launching himself off the ropes OJ tags back in and makes Max submit to a variation of the Monkey Hold.

Winners by submission: Orlando Jordan and Eric Young

Mickie James is with Eric Bischoff and asks him who her partner is for her match next. Bischoff tells her it’s Miss Techmacher. Mickie says she’s not a wrestler and Bischoff counters by saying she wasn’t that much of a secretary either. In fact, Bischoff says he hopes she’s a better wrestler than she was a secretary. She only had two moves, and neither would help her in the ring. ((Jarrett’s Jab – Well, that depends how many people are there…))

-Commercial Break-

Knockout Tag Title Tournament Semi-Final :Mickie James and Miss Techmacher vs. Madison Rayne and Tara

Rayne and James start it off. Rayne asks for Techmacher and James reluctantly tags her in. Rayne mocks Techmacher until she shoves Rayne. Rayne pushes back and Techmacher answers with three armdrags, a hip toss, and dropkick. Rayne grabs Techmachers hair and slams her to the ground. Rayne gives Techmacher a face buster and taunts James. Techmacher capitalizes by rolling Rayne up for a two count. Rayne looks shocked before going to town on Techmacher, pulling her nose. Rayne goes for a flying crossbody off the ropes but misses and Techmacher makes the hot tag to James. James clears house of Rayne with forearms and a neckbreaker. Rayne gets the advantage by hiting the stomach, but it’s shortlived because James gets the Lou Thez Press. James goes for the DDT, but gets distracted by Tara. Tara nails James with her brace and Rayne covers for three.

Winners by submission: Madison Rayne and Tara

Miss Techmacher checks on Mickie James as the graphic on screen shows that The Beautiful People will face Madison Rayne and Tara for the Knockout Tag Titles Next Week.

Backstage, Kazarian was walking and talking about his match. He walked on Rob Terry and wished him luck in his big match. He said a lot of important eyes were on him tonight and Terry needed all the help he could get. Terry told him to screw off. Kazarian threatened him and Terry stormed off. Kazarian shook his head and walked away.

-Commercial Break-

The Pope collected another donation (all in twenty dollar bills.) Brother Ray made his ring entrance as a video recapped his match last week. Ray said no one had never been worthy of being his tag team partner, especially Devon. He said Devon called him a bully, and he said he is Bully Ray. He said he started his single career tonight and he picked the biggest and toughest guy in the locker room to kick it off with.

Amazing Red vs. Bully Ray

Ray hit a big clothesline as soon as Red got in the ring. Ray throws Red in a turnbuckle and rams his shoulder in Red’s gut. Ray gives Red a clubby blow to the back and a right hand. Another clubby blow by Ray leads to the crowd starting “We want Devon” chant. Ray tosses Red like a ragdoll and taunts the crowd some. Ray hits Red and trashtalks him before Red punches back and gets missile dropkick. Ray hit a big boot and then the Bully Drop/Bubba Bomb for the pin and win.

Winner by pinfall: Bully Ray

Ray grabs a chair from in front of the Hooter girls and gets in the ring. The crowd chants for Devon and his music plays. He runs Ray straight through the crowd.

Jeff Jarrett talks about his “Double-J Double-M A Challenge”

-Commercial Break-

Rob Van Dam says he will overcome every obstacle that Eric bischoff puts in front of him, and that he wants Jeff Hardy’s ass.

Rob Van Dam vs. Rob Terry

RVD and Terry tie up and RVD goes flying into the turnbuckle. RVD and Terry stall a little before RVD starts whaling on Terry with right hands and a kick. Terry gets angry and goozles RVD, but gets his leg tripped out from under him. RVD gets several kicks before Terry catches him off the ropes and slams him to the ground. RVD gets thrown to the turnbuckle and gets Terry’s shoulder rammed into his back. Terry covers him and only gets two. Terry goes for the shoulderbuster, but on the second attempt he gets caught and gets hit by RVD’s flying thrust kick. Terry recovers quickly and gets speared as we go to commercial.

-Commercial Break-

Rob Terry sends RVD straight into the guardrail as soon as we get back from commercial. Terry goes to the outside and sends him, back first, into the ring apron. RVD gets rolled in the ring and kicks out of a pin attempt at two. Terry gives him a backbreaker and a front slam but only gets two. Terry gets RVD in a bearhug. RVD slides his way out of it, but gets caught again. RVD kicks Terry in the head to break out of it and again to get him to the mat. RVD goes up top to hit another single-leg thrust kick and rolling thunder. RVD goes back up top for a five-star and covers for a three count.

Winner by pinfall: Rob Van Dam

A video shows Jeff Jarrett’s rise in MMA.

Backstage, Pope pulled up in front of a building and had his car valet parked. He walked into the build which had a sign that said Rachael’s Adult Entertainment. ((Jarrett’s Jab – Ooooo…He’s got to spend some money at confession!))

The “Double-J Double-M A” Challenge

Jeff Jarrett uses Kurt Angle’s entrance lift and his entorage follow Jarrett to the ring. They got Jarrett all lubed up as a fan cussed at him. Borash announced the challenge. He asked if there was anyone who wanted to take the challenge. JB picked a guy in a green hat and a TNA shirt and Jarrett approves. He climbed in the ring and said his name was Jose and said he was from Puerto Rico. Jarrett asked him his favorite wrestler and the guy said Mickie James. Jarrett slapped him and called for the bell. The guy threw his hat at Jarrett and grabbed him, but it had no effect. Jarrett brutalized him with knees to the head and applied the rear naked choke until Jose tapped out.

Winner by Submission: Jeff Jarrett

-Commercial Break-

Jeff Hardy and Kazarian vs. Matt Morgan and Mr. Anderson

Jeff Hardy and Mr. Anderson start it off. Hardy flips Anderson off and tags in Kazarian. Kazarian makes fun of Anderson and pays for it with multiple right hands and a running back elbow. Kaz reverses a suplex into a insaguri. Kaz right hands Anderson but gets tossed like a rag doll. Kaz and Anderson butt heads by accident as Kaz falls down. Anderson tags in Morgan and he cleans house of Kazarian with several clotheslines and snake eyes. Morgan tosses Kaz into the courner and hits her with the rapid fire elbows. Morgan went after Jeff and Jeff pulled the rope down, knocking Morgan to the floor. Anderson distracts the ref as Jeff worked Morgan on the floor. He rolled Morgan back in the ring and chokes Morgan while Kaz gives him some right hands. Kazarian hit Anderson in the head again. Hardy and Kaz goes for a double suplex on Morgan, but Anderson runs in and clears house. Kazarian shoved Anderson into the ref before Morgan attacked him. Morgan worked Kazarian in the corner as Anderson went to the top. Rob Terry ran out and pushed Anderson off the top. Morgan ran over and Terry hit a hangman on the top rope. Jeff Hardy hit the Twist of Fate and the ref recovered for the win. Post-match, Hardy and Kazarian left the ring as Anderson and Morgan looked at each other. Morgan left the ring to end the show.

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  • http://www.allen-jones.net Laura

    I think AJ’s turning face soon. I hate, like you said Jarrett, seeing AJ demoted so much. Let’s hope all this crap that Bischoff’s been saying to him will come up and bite him in the ass. I’m hoping for a Styles Clash to Bischoff. But, eh, that’s just me. :)

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