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TNA iMPACT! Results (7/22): “Extreme Invitation”
Added on Friday, July 23rd, 2010 at 2:42 am to Results by Jarrett Cox

Source: TNAstars.com

Opening Segment
iMPACT opens with a video package that started like the one for Victory Road with the creepy music and Abyss’s path of destruction, but it also highlighted the ECW group as well. For the first time in a while we get to see the iMPACT Opening and it’s been changed ((Jarrett’s Jab – No offense to anyone but I HATE that Hogan is at the end of it. I think that spot should be saved for the champion, but that’s just me))

Global Championship Match: Rob Terry © vs. AJ Styles (with Kazarian)

AJ has black tape on his right index finger, so I wonder if he broke it or something. Rob Terry is now the longest reigning Global Champion in TNA history. ((Jarrett’s Jab – That’s nice, but wasn’t his last title defense in May at the Sacrifice PPV?)) AJ punches Terry in the abs, Terry no-sells as AJ acts like he hurt his fist. AJ gets a kick to the leg of Terry and parades around the ring celebrating. The celebration is short lived as Terry hammers him in the back, rams him into the corner and squashes him with a shoulder in the corner. AJ says “I Can’t Breathe” and the referee breaks it up. AJ tries to climb out of the ring and holds on to Kazarian’s hands for deadweight, but Terry pulls them both in. Terry eats boot on a charge into the corner, but catches AJ while he attempts a springboard move, presses him several times, and then sends him flying across the ring. Terry goes for the spinebuster, but AJ escapes and hits an enziguiri. Terry no-sells and hits a leaping spinkick. Terry goes for the cover but Kazarian is distracting the referee, so Terry nails Kazarian, allowing AJ to roll Terry up from behind for two 2. AJ goes to the apron and Terry goes to suplex him in, but Kazarian grabs the ankle from the outside and AJ falls on top to get the win and the title. Winner by pinfall and NEW Global Champion: AJ Styles ((Jarrett’s Jab – Since AJ was ranked #1 Wrestler of 2010 by Pro Wrestling Illustrated , I think he should be holding a different title, but maybe he might can return the Global Title to it’s former glory))

We go to Taz & Tenay, who tell us that tonight is going to be a night of answers, and Mike says he’s had doubts about Taz because of his history with ECW and asks if he knew about Dixie’s invitation, and Taz says he knew nothing.

We go backstage to Sarita and Madison Rayne, who are laughing over the beating Sarita handed Taylor Wilde, and then Madison stats making fun of Velvet Sky, saying one boob’s in Pittsburg and the other in Miami, but Velvet just happens to walk in with Lacey. Velvet gets in Madison’s face and Lacey tries to calm them down, and they both tell her to shut up. They keep fighting and Lacey keeps trying to get them to make up, and they keep telling her to shut up until finally Madison and Sarita walk out.

-Commercial Break-

Backstage, Dixie Carter is yelling at the TNA agents and asking them what the hell happened last week, and they said they had no idea what was going on and Dixie said “you’re agents, you don’t need to know what’s going on!” and that there managment. ((Jarrett’s Jab – Um…if there management don’t they NEED to know what’s going on)) Finally Simon Diamond gets up and slams the door on the cameraman as Dixie continues to tear them apart verbally.

TNA Knockouts Champion Angelina Love & Taylor Wilde vs Madison Rayne & Sarita

Before the match, referee Earl Hebner tells Angelina that the board has no proof of who was on the motorcycle at Victory Road, so she must surrender the Knockouts Title and return it to Madison Rayne. Angelina hesitantly hands the belt to Hebner, then goes after Madison as Taylor goes after on Sarita. Sarita gets tossed to the floor as Angelina and Taylor hit a double clothesline on Madison. Sarita gets back in and gets speared by Angelina, who then tags in Taylor, but Sarita gets an STO on Taylor. Taylor regains her feet and now she and Sarita go toe to toe, but Sarita with a big flapjack suplex on Taylor, but she tags Angelina right in and she goes to work on both Sarita and Madison. Taylor comes back in and all four girls fight it out again, with Taylor and Sarita rolling out to the floor as Angelina hits a Flatliner on Madison for the win. Winners by pinfall: Angelina Love & Taylor Wilde

Suddenly, the Bike Girl drives down to ringside and makes her way towards the ring. Lacey and Velvet come out from the back looking shocked as Madison and Sarita jump Angelina and Taylor from behind and the Biker Girl joins in the beatdown. Madison grabs her belt back as the Bike Girl gets back on her bike and Madison & Sarita join her. Madison yells at Lacey to come with them and, after much hesitation, Lacey leaves Velvet and heads away with Madison, Sarita, and Bike Girl. Velvet looks shocked, then she and Angelina glare at each other.

-Commercial Break-

Footage is shown from earlier of the ECW Elite (Dreamer, Rhino, Raven, Richards, and Foley) entering the building

Kurt Angle vs Hernandez

Angle and Hernandez tieup and Hernandez powers Angle to the corner, but breaks clean. Angle ducks under and takes Hernandez down, then floats over to a front facelock. Hernandez gets to his feet and backs Angle to the corner and breaks clean again, but Angle gives him several European Uppercuts. Angle backdrops Hernandez to the apron, but Hernandez nails him and comes over the top with a shoulderblock. Hernandez hits a big tackle and an over the shoulder backbreaker for a two count. Angle starts firing back and whips Hernandez to the corner and follows in with a clothesline. Hernandez skins the cat to the top rope and Angle tries the running up suplex, Hernandez shoves him off, but Angle goes up again and gets the suplex for 2. Angle ducks a clothesline from Hernandez and hits four Germans for only a two count. Hernandez slips out of the Angle Slam and picks Angle up and plants him with a sitout Dominator for 2. Hernandez goes for the Border Toss but Angle slips out and hits the Angle Slam for only a two count. Angle goes for a moonsault but misses and Hernandez plows over him with a running shoulderblock, then goes for a big delayed vertical suplex, but Angle slips out the back and hooks the Ankle Lock and grapevines the leg and Hernandez taps out. Winner by Submission: Kurt Angle ((Jarrett’s Jab- I don’t have a clue why they’d give this away on free TV. Angle’s career is on the line, but this could easily be a main event match))

Kevin Nash comes strolling out from the back after the match and shakes hands with Angle, then continues into the ring as Angle heads to the back. Nash calls Jeff Jarrett out to the ring.

-Commercial Break-

Jeff Jarrett/Kevin Nash Segment

Jeff Jarrett makes his way to the ring. Kevin Nash says that he’s had a week to think about it, and he says that Jarrett’s really good at what he does. He almost had Nash convinced that Sting left a log in the punch bowl, but he’s known Sting for 20 years and he let Nash sleep at his place in a roll-up mattress because he was flat broke and Sting had plenty of money, and he’s not sure it was Sting that left the log in the punch bowl, he thinks it was Double J. Nash says there’s a group of guys who look up to him in the back as a veteran, and those guys are the victims. Jarrett says he has no idea what Nash is talking about and he’s not buying it and he’s sure the fans aren’t either. Jarrett says it was Nash that screwed Hulk and Eric when he brought in Hall and Waltman, and that hurt this company. ((Jarrett’s Jab – Then I’m sure that The Nasty Boys were a breath of fresh air. Not too often that Team 3D complains about wrestlers and doesn’t want to work with them.)) Jarrett says Nash can spin his tale any way he wants, but he knows Nash and so to the fans, and it’s been well documented over the years. Nash says forget the history lesson, he knows it and has come to accept it, but he has a question for Jarrett: when his three daughters grow up and realize that their father is a selfish prick, he can chuckle that in his sleep. Nash walks out. ((Jarrett’s Jab – I think this will be leading to Sting being right about the smoke and mirrors all along and either Jeff Jarrett, Eric Bischoff, or both being behind it. They really need to do something with Double J besides be Bischoff’s and Hogan’s sympathizer. The founder of TNA doing that is like Vince McMahon being Teddy Long’s yes man))

Meanwhile, Dixie Carter is backstage, and she’s pacing Kurt walks by and gives her a kiss on the cheek and asks what’s going on, and Dixie says Kurt needs to just trust her. Kurt says to be careful what she’s getting into because these guys have a reputation, and Dixie says she knows and to just trust her. Kurt kisses her on the cheek again and walks off.

-Commercial Break-

Samoa Joe vs Jeff Hardy

Bells rings, and Hardy rolls to the floor…and starts walking around high fiving fans at ringside. ((Jarrett’s Jab – Um….why?))  Eric Bischoff is on the phon. He mentions Hogan’s surgery as Joe starts kicking the crap out of Hardy, raking his throat across the ropes, and tossing him to the floor. Joe rams Hardy to the apron as Bischoff says he and Hulk came to TNA to help and they’ll support whatever decisions Dixie makes. Hardy starts to fight back and rams Joe to the stairs, then tosses him back in the ring. Eric says TNA’s an exciting place to be and they’re just here to help them grow as Hardy does the ten punches in the corner, then snapmares Joe and he cinches in the chinlock. Bischoff wraps up his phone call, and now we can return to the match at hand as Joe gives Hardy a jawbreaker. Joe hits the snapmare/chop/kick/kneedrop combo as a Joe chant starts. Hardy fires back and Joe reverses a whip into the corner, Hardy leapfrogs, but Joe catches him with a savate kick to the jaw, then starts ramming elbows to the top of the skull of Hardy. Joe nails a running knee and enziguiri in the corner and covers for 2. Hardy fires back and rebounds off the ropes, but Joe with a snap powerslam for 2. Hardy hits a series of running forearms and an inverted enziguiri, and the springboard dropkick in the corner for 2. Hardy hits a sleeper drop for a two count and tries a move off the second rope, but Joe catches him with an inverted atomic drop, running boot, and senton for only a two. Joe with a powerbomb for a two count, and converts Hardy’s kickout into an STF, and then converts that into the Crippler Crossface. Hardy makes the ropes and Joe starts mocking him and goes for a slam, Hardy escapes out the back and goes for a Twist Of Fate, Joe escapes that and goes for the Kokina Clutch, and Hardy escapes that and hits the Whisper In The Wind. What a sequence. We get the announcement that 30 seconds remain, then they start going toe to toe with 15 seconds left and they go crashing to the mat as time expires. Time Limit Draw

Crowd chants for Brian Hebner to let them fight and Joe’s totally in favor of that, so Hardy takes his shirt off and goes after Joe and they brawl again until the referees separate them. ((Jarrett’s Jab – I like the finish, although once again, that is a main event quality match we just saw for free.))

Backstage, Jeff Jarrett is complaining to Dixie about Kevin Nash, but Dixie says she needs his help in telling everybody whatever it is that she has to tell them, and needs Jarrett to help spread the word. Jarrett says she can trust him.

-Commercial Break-

Matt Morgan vs Mr. Anderson

Anderson stops on the way to the ring to ask the fans if there are any assholes in the building, getting the usual wonderful pop, and he then introduces himself as the Head Asshole. ((Jarrett’s Jab – Then who would be second in command? I’d like to apply for that job.)) Anderson ducks behind Morgan with a schoolboy rollup for a two count right off the bat, then a rolling cradle for 2, then goes to a side headlock. Morgan takes Anderson to the corner and nails him, then puts the boots to him. Morgan with the machine gun elbows in the corner and follows in with a splash in the corner, and finally a side suplex for 2. Anderson starts a comeback and goes for a crossbody, but Morgan catches him and hits a fallaway slam for 2. Morgan with a short clothesline and another, and goes for a roaring clothesline but Anderson ducks and hits the Flatliner for the win. Winner by pinfall: Mr. Anderson

We start to go to Mike and Taz, but jump right back to the ring where Morgan attacks Anderson from behind with his own mic, hitting him in the head and busting him open.

-Commercial Break-

Best Of 5 Series Match Two – Streetfight: TNA World Tag Team Champions Motor City Machine Guns vs Beer Money

The MCMGs dive over the ropes onto Beer Money to start the match, and the fight goes right out to the floor. Storm sends Sabin into the guardrail and then the ramp as Roode beats up Shelley on the ramp. They try to double suplex Shelley to the floor but Sabin makes the save and then hit a series of double team moves on the rampway. Shelley gets Roode in a rear chinlock and Sabin goes all the way to the top of the ramp, gets a running start, and gets a leaping dropkick to the face of Roode, followed by Shelley hitting a leaping double stomp off the rampway onto Roode for 2. Roode swings a chair at Shelley but misses and hits the ringpost and Shelley follows with a running knee off the apron. Sabin tries a dive through the ropes onto Roode but Roode cracks him in the face with a chair coming through and then takes out Shelley’s knees with a chair as well. Roode tosses Shelley back in the ring where Storm hits a lungblower for 2. Shelley recovers and tosses a chair to Roode and Sabin hits a springboard dropkick to the chair into Roode’s face for 2. Storm drags Shelley to the floor then jumps in and spits beer in the face of Sabin, allowing Roode to hit a spinebuster for 2. Shelley comes in with a kendo stick which he nails both Roode and Storm with, and Roode tries a lariat but nails the ref. Sabin tosses a trash can at Roode’s head to send him to the floor and tries a baseball slide, but Roode moves and Sabin hits the other ref. Storm tosses Shelley in the ring and Beer Money put him on top and try a double superplex but Sabin makes the save and they hit a Sliced Bread #2/powerbomb combo, but no ref, and Storm slips in and hits Shelley with the beer bottle and superkicks Sabin, then drags the ref over to make the three count. Winners by Pinfall: Beer Money ((Jarrett’s Jab – I might be biased because I am a MCMG fan, but I’m tired of the screwjob finish for two weeks in a row. Who could possibly think there could be a screwjob ending in a Ladder Match or a Street Fight))

Backstage, Brother Devon walks in on Brother Ray ((Jarrett’s Jab – His wardrobe seems to be a few years behind, he’s wearing a LAX Shirt)) and says he’s not here to talk about all their issues with Jesse, but he wants to know where he was last Thursday. He needed to let the ECW guys know he has their back, and asks if Brother Ray has their back, too. Ray says they have nothing to prove with those guys and don’t need to have their back, then walks out.

-Commercial Break-

Christy is backstage with Rob Van Dam and says he has a history with ECW, and asks how it felt to be with those guys again. RVD said it was great, and he’s proud of everything he did…back then. But he’s evolved and now he’s the Whole F’n Show and the World Champion, so having these guys back is like having the best of both worlds. Christy wants his thoughts on Dixie’s speech tonight, and RVD said he’s excited to see what the news is but he has no info on what it’s going to be. While RVD is happy to see all this coming together, he can’t forget that Abyss wants the belt so he’ll have to keep his eyes out for him too.

We go to Mike and Taz, who plug upcoming announcement. Mike thinks that Dixie owes us an explanation, and Taz thinks that as the owner, she’s not accountable to anyone. ((Jarrett’s Jab – That sounds about right to me. Thanks Taz for letting Common Sense shine through)) From there we go to a video package recapping the history of the ECW angle culminating in last week’s brawl to lead us into tonight’s announcement, which will be up next ((Jarrett’s Jab – Looks like a Hard Justice commercial spliced together with some other footage)). Meanwhile, Dixie Carter is backstage and that takes us to commercial.

-Commercial Break-

Dixie’s Announcement

Here comes Dixie Carter, complete with entrance music. ((Jarrett’s Jab – Her DixieTron seriously reminds me of Linda McMahon’s old Titantron)) She says TNA has the best fans, and she’s always said this company is going to be for the fans. She’s loved meeting everyone and hearing what they have to say, and puts over her Twitter. There’s been one common theme brought up time after time, and that’s the fans’ love for extreme, hardcore wrestling. At this time, she’d like to introduce some men who made hardcore wrestling popular, and here Tommy Dreamer, Rhino, Stevie Richards, Mick Foley, and Raven. She says she wants the ECW guys to tell the fans what they meant to this industry. Foley says this is the first time he remembers Dixie cutting a promo, and Dixie says it’s not a promo it’s her being real, and says that what Hogan meant to the 80s, ECW meant to the 90s. She pauses as the crowd starts an ECW chant. Dixie says it’s not about being hardcore, it’s about honor, dedication and respect, and not doing it for fat paychecks, but doing it because they love the business, their fellow wrestlers, and the fans, and they always gave the fans what they asked for and the fans will never forget that. Dixie has a history with four of the guys up here and she has a lot of respect for them and thanks them for setting the bar high. Foley says it should be them thanking her because last time he was here, he got fired, and he wants to thank her for giving them another chance. Foley points out Tommy Dreamer and says he’s as good an ambassador as there’s ever been in this business, and hands the mic off to Tommy. Tommy says he’s watched TNA since the beginning when they were in Nashville, and watched TNA grow. His friends kept telling him to quit his job and come to TNA, but he has a wife and kids and was scared to leave the security of his job. He saw many similarities between ECW and TNA: where unknowns became legends, where legends came to reinvent their career, and before Samoa Joe was dumping people on their heads, there was Taz, the Human Suplex Machine, doing it in the 90s. What Ric Flair did for Jay Lethal, Terry Funk did for him and Mick Foley. There was Francine and Beulah, and he when Dixie invited him to Slammiversary, he got to see what TNA did for passion, for the love of the business, and what they do for each and every one of the fans. Tommy has to thank Dixie for reigniting his passion, because at One Night Stand, he got his closure…and then they brought it back, and he had to witness his friends get fired, get destroyed, and all for what…(silence from the crowd)…Tommy says exactly. It bothered him so much that he had to quit his job at 38 years old because he couldn’t stomach watching what they did with that company. Everyone else in the ring would talk to him, and Foley showed him all the similarities between what happened and they put this plan together, and only one person could make it happen: Dixie Carter. It’s not about an ECW invasion or them taking over, it’s about men and women who lost their jobs, it’s for the fans who chant it and the friends who lived it, so their legacy is not destroyed, and he begs Dixie for one night to show what they can do so their legacy is not destroyed forever. Dixie says that if everyone wants to do this, then we’ll do it…with one stipulation: Tommy and his people plan it and do it the right way, it’s got to be real and nothing that has to do with TNA. Sabu chant starts as Tommy tells the Impact Zone that we’re going EXTREME. ((Jarrett’s Jab – Definitely a good closing segment and I already feel that the Hard Justice/Hardcore Justice PPV will be one for the record books. I’m glad we get one more night of ECW after the WWECW run))

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  • Doc

    A nice recap, but you missed a crucial part. Dreamer’s utterance “Exactly” was not in response to “silence in the crowd.” It was in response to a fan yelling “Vince sucks!” (go back and have a listen). The spot was as close as one can get these days to a televised “shoot”, and if you look closely you’ll notice that even someone as hardcore as Raven is teary eyed to the point of losing it. It seems ECW is being resurrected if only to give it a proper burial, which it never had and which it deserves.

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